Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Plant Love

In Thailand I am experiencing a lot of firsts (as one would imagine when having only lived in New Hampshire up until this point). First time tasting foi tong (Thai egg yolk dessert). First time bamboo rafting. First time trying to learn how to speak a new language (I'm not counting the occasional Spanish class in Junior High). First time petting an elephant. But a more ordinary first time is first time living in a larger city. It's amazing that I am living in a place where there are constantly new places to explore - it's hard to get bored here. For instance, today my class got moved so I went to the Lanna Folklife Museum, had lunch at a Northern Thai restaurant (different cuisine that you find at Thai restaurants in the U.S. - in general a lot more chili paste, sticky rice, and sausages), and then checked out two art exhibits (more about Thai art later). 

City life can be overwhelming at times. In the beginning I had a hard time finding places that lacked the hustle and bustle of people, mopeds, and red trucks where I could rest relax. Fortunately, I live next to a in a mountain (Doi Suthep), however sometimes I still miss plants when I don't find the time to go hiking (plus, those 100 degree days make hikes a little less appealing). 

I miss studying plants, working with plant samples as part of my job, miss going into greenhouses, strolling through gardens, etc. So I have made it a mission to spend more time enjoying nature and seeking out greenery. These past couple of weekends I visited The Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden and Pun Pun and Punna Farms. The amount of bliss I felt ogling at water lilies, orchids, cacti, ferns, rice fields, etc. is indescribable. (What can I say? Plants and wildlife make me happy.) The beauty of being in a new place is realising what you can live with out, and what in your life is meaningful and gives you joy. For me it just happens to be plants, art, and chocolate (if we're not talking about my amazing friends and family of course - love and miss you guys ❤)

Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden:

Enjoying the view from the canopy walk - "Oh look! there's a bird"
So gorgeous!
Can't get enough 
Ok, yeah I'm obsessed with water lilies but look how BIG this one is!!
"Please don't eat me!"
Elegant orchids 
Felt like a desert too, lol
Punna Farm:
Back on the farm!
Nothing like an alley crop system too make a girl's heart happy ♥
(Mangoes, pineapple, and bananas)
(Yes, I'm a nerd. I accepted it a long time ago)