Saturday, February 18, 2017

Experiencing Elephants Ethically

One of the reasons I chose to come to Thailand was because of the exotic flora and fauna... including Asian elephants! There are many different elephant parks throughout Thailand, but the one I visited is exceptional. Not only was I able to touch, bathe, and feed the elephants, but I also learned of the stories of how these elephants were rescued from abuse and how the facility takes rehabilitates them. Elephant Nature Park also runs a medical care program that extends to surrounding elephant parks (since care can be expensive) and runs educational programs of how to best train and treat elephants. It is important to know that not all animal facilities ARE NOT the same in quality of treatment of the elephants, and while the price may be a little steeper compared to other facilities, you are paying for the quality of life these elephants have. It is also important to know that because of how elephants' spines are constructed, it is harmful to the animal to ride them, especially in baskets.

As travelers, I believe it is our duty to support tourist attractions that support local communities and environments. If you ever find yourself in Thailand, and want to experience elephants up close, please consider Elephant Nature Park, a leader in ethical treatment and education. Plus, look at all the beauties you can meet! (Did I also mention that it includes an outstanding vegetarian buffet??) 

Get up close and personal!

Still in awe...

Yes, they have baby elephants too! Real life Jungle Book moment

To learn more about Elephant Nature Park, please visit their website:

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