Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Changed by Chiang Mai: A Series of Corny Goodbyes to the Land of Smiles

My last day here in Thailand has finally arrived, ending the craziest journey I have ever experienced. Not just crazy because I got to do and see some wild things (go rock climbing in Vietnam, feed elephants, have a huge spider land on my head, etc.), but also because, as cheesy as this sounds, I was able to discover so much more about myself. This list ranges from that yes, in fact I can survive the hottest season in the tropics, to that being in nature is where I'm most happy, to expanding self-love. It is also where I found and got to meet so many amazing people, especially those within my program (I'm counting both TEAN and IPSL), and those that I only shared brief moments with but who added to my wonderful experience. Love you all so much! So here's to Thailand, a place that will forever be in my heart ❤

A series of goodbyes to Thai things I'll คิดถึง (miss) the most:

  • Goodbye gorgeous flowering trees, with red, pink, and yellow petals
  • Goodbye to all the welcoming Thais who patiently listened to me as I attempted to speak the language (sorry if I ever used the wrong tone and said something offensive!)
  • Goodbye markets, where I could purchase perfectly ripe mangoes, papayas, and bananas
  • Goodbye gorgeous treks with gushing waterfalls 
    Doi Inthanon - swimming with Elyse!

  • Goodbye Phrathat Doi Suthep whose golden glow could always be admired at night down below
Monks participating in evening chant at Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep
  • Goodbye adorable coffee shops and also serve Thai tea
My first ever Thai ice in Thailand!
  • Goodbye delicious cheap meals (curries, khao soi, summer rolls, suki), and where treating myself to a nice restaurant might cost me 6 USD
Khao Soi with omelette 
  • Since I'm on a food rant, goodbye mango sticky rice stalls and coconut ice cream carts with fun umbrellas. You were always a highlight when trekking back from class and gave me motivation to conquer Suthep Soi 7 (my alleyway) when the sun was at its peak
  • And although I may hate to admit it, goodbye to the 7-11's on every block - I will miss your convenience, that you're open so late at night, and your selection of snacks (purple sweet potato toasties, wasabi flavoured nuts, green tea flavoured Oreo-style cookies - the list continues)

It has been a blessing to have been able to experience Thai culture and to live in a place so different from back home. Please, please visit if you ever have the fortune to do so. The experience will be sure to include many amazing surprises :)

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